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Plumbing Maintenance on Brisbane’s Northside


Plumbing is a highly important part of your home. Having regular maintenance done by a plumber will help you keep things in check. There are a number of different aspects of your home’s plumbing that Laing’s Plumbing Co. can assist you with.


Got Plumbing Maintenance Issues on the Northside of Brisbane?


There are a number of different plumbing issues that can occur in your home. Laing’s Plumbing Co. can help you manage any plumbing problems you may be experiencing.


Firstly, Laing’s Plumbing Co. will be able to look at your faucets and figure out whether you’re experiencing a leak. If we notice a leak, we’ll repair your taps or install a new faucet to save you money and prevent possible water damage to your home. We will also do this with any other pipes in your home, like under your sink or in the basement. We can also look over your water heater and help you decide whether you need a repair or a replacement. If your system is over ten years old, you may be experiencing problems already or some may occur soon. We’ll also look over the appliances in your home like your dishwasher or washing machine. If there are flexi hoses that are at risk of bursting, we may recommend replacing them. Laing’s Plumbing Co. can also look outside your house for any issues that may be occurring. Gutters and drains can often be filled with leaves or other debris. We will also look at the taps outside your home and check if they need repair or replacement. Finally, we can help you to deal with your water pressure if it is too high or too low. Although this may seem like a simple issue, it often is not. Problems with water pressure could be cause erosion in water lines or a cracked pipe, so it’s important that you get assistance from a licensed and registered plumber.

northside plumbing
northside plumbing

Brisbane’s Best Maintenance Plumbers

Laing’s Plumbing Co. are your local domestic maitenance plumbing professionals. We can help with various maintenance issues such as leaky taps, clogged drains and hot water problems. We have over 35 years experience in the plumbing industry and have built a strong reputation for quality and reliability.

Northside Plumbing Maintenance Is Important


Having dependable and efficient plumbing in your north Brisbane household is a vital part of living. Whether you are a landowner, an occupant or a landlord, we know how tiresome and worrying plumbing problems such as leaking taps, clogged drains or a lack of hot water can be for everybody in the home. When everything is functioning as intended we take it for granted and are often not prepared for unanticipated and inconvenient plumbing issues.

So what is maintenance plumbing, and is it so necessary? Maintenance plumbing is essentially a yearly or systematic ‘servicing’ of the plumbing appliances in your house which may involve repairs, assessment and testing of the plumbing and preventative methods of minimising or avoiding issues in the future.  Our expert maintenance plumbers will provide a thorough inspection of the condition of various sections of your plumbing and repair any issues they find.

 Maintenance plumbing involves a number of services like looking over your toilet, taps, roof plumbing, drains (both inside and outside) and looking for leaks around your home in north Brisbane. Our maintenance service will also analyse sewerage if need be, looking over rain water tanks along with checking your hot water system. Maintenance plumbing is a great idea as it can help to save you money over the longer term on emergency call out fees and repair costs.

 Just like you want to service your car on a frequent basis to minimise and prevent breakdowns, your home’s plumbing should be dealt with in a similar manner. Maintenance plumbing can also increase the safety of your northside house as unidentified leaks can cause mould growth and water leakages which will affect the health of your family.

Laing’s Plumbing Co. Offer Complete Domestic Maintenance Solutions.

Fantastic service very friendly and prompt thank you!

Zani Fry


We had our hot water system fail and Henry came out in 20 minutes and replaced the system. Prompt service very professional and particular to his work ethic, thanks again Henry for a very professional job.

Salvatore Lacopetta


What a friendly, pleasant gent, and proficient tradesman your Henry is, and I am thankful he was able to come at short notice during such a busy time.    Henry didn’t stop work at all, not even for one cuppa!   I will certainly recommend Laing Plumbing if anyone I know is in need of a plumber.

Jean Monks


Excellent service, would highly recommend these guys. Also love their great attention to detail - a quality not shared by all trades people

Kate Strang


What an amazing team , quick turnaround , friendly non intrusive and do a great job !
Would highly recommend to anyone and already have 👍🏻👍🏻
Great work Henry 👍🏻

Alice Klokiw


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Laing’s Plumbing Co. are a family owned business with over 35 years of experience in the plumbing industry. We’ve built a reputation for high quality maintenance and delivering results. We’ve got a team of experienced tradesmen with state of the art plumbing equipment, so there’s no issue in your home we can’t deal with. If you need plumbing maintenance on the northside of Brisbane, call 0418 894 085 or send an email to admin@laingplumbing.com.au.

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