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Our plumbers provide an emgency blocked drain service throughout Boondall. 

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Drain Clearing Plumbers in Boondall


DIY Drain Clearing Methods to Avoid


Chemical drain clearing is one of the most dangerous methods you can possibly use. Chemical cleaners are hazardous mixtures that should not be used by anybody without proper qualifications and skills. They use corrosion to clear your drains and this can cause serious damage to your health and your pipes when used incorrectly. Drain clearing may sound and look easy, but you shouldn’t try and remove blockages by yourself without professional training.

Never try and disassemble pipes by yourself in order to clear them. It’s extremely easy to damage drain systems and fittings in your Boondall home. Even if you figure out how to put them back together, you may have serious leaks and long term damage if you aren’t a drain clearing specialist.

Coat hanger clog removal is very common and well known. However, putting foreign items down your pipes is a terrible idea and can quickly and easily make your blockages in your Boondall home much worse than they originally were. This method is also very inefficient. The sharp edges of the coat hanger can cause damage to the inside of your drain pipes – you’ll have to spend much more money to fix the blockage than you would have if you’d called a plumber. Don’t let this happen in your Boondall home. Call Laing’s Plumbing Co. instead!

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How Do Local Boondall Plumbers Clear Blocked Drains?


The first tool a plumber in Boondall may use on your blocked pipe is a drain snake. This consists of a long metal coil that snakes down into a pipe until it reaches the clog. A motor spins the coil so it drills down into the blockage and shreds it to pieces. This is one of the quickest ways to clear out even the toughest clogs. Only experienced plumbers should operate an electric eel – otherwise, your drain pipes could be damaged.

A hydro jetter allows a plumber to blast through a blockage and thoroughly clean the inside of your pipe. The equipment consists of a hose with a 360-degree nozzle at the end. Our local Boondall plumbers push the hose deep down into your drain, and then water is blasted at high pressure to clean out all sections of your drain. The pressure is enough to completely clear away all debris clinging to the drain walls, making it harder for clogs to build up again.

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Fantastic service very friendly and prompt thank you!

Zani Fry


We had our hot water system fail and Henry came out in 20 minutes and replaced the system. Prompt service very professional and particular to his work ethic, thanks again Henry for a very professional job.

Salvatore Lacopetta


What a friendly, pleasant gent, and proficient tradesman your Henry is, and I am thankful he was able to come at short notice during such a busy time.    Henry didn’t stop work at all, not even for one cuppa!   I will certainly recommend Laing Plumbing if anyone I know is in need of a plumber.

Jean Monks


Excellent service, would highly recommend these guys. Also love their great attention to detail - a quality not shared by all trades people

Kate Strang


What an amazing team , quick turnaround , friendly non intrusive and do a great job !
Would highly recommend to anyone and already have 👍🏻👍🏻
Great work Henry 👍🏻

Alice Klokiw


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Don’t let a blocked drain ruin your routine. Laing’s Plumbing Co. can quickly and easily remove all kinds of clogs, no matter where they’ve occurred. You can put your trust in us – we’re a licensed and qualified family-owned business. Call us today on 0418 894 085 or send an email to admin@laingplumbing.com.au for friendly service by a trusted local plumber.

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