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Best Blocked Drain Plumbers in Banyo

Blocked Pipe Worst Case Scenarios


There are a number of issues that can come from an unattended blockage in Banyo. First of all, a blocked toilet could overflow quickly. This is a very messy issue that can cause expensive damage. The first thing to do in this scenario is switch off the water supply. Don’t try to flush a toilet that’s clogged as iIt’ll only make the problem worse. Once the water is turned off, stay away from the toilet blockage. The switch to control the water is normally located under the cistern. Don’t forget that anything coming out of the toilet is a biohazard – once the water is turned off, call a professional local plumber straight away.

Another blocked drain issue that could occur is an overflowing sewer. This generally occurs as a result of clogs in the main sewer line. If sewage starts to overflow inside your house or in your yard, you’ve got a big problem on your hands. If this happens, call a blocked drain plumber in Banyo right away.

Leaking roofs or walls as a result of blockages are also a big problem. If you see dripping water, puddles, wet spots on the wall or bubbling paint you’re going to need a local Banyo plumber right away.  When there’s a big leak it can quickly turn into a plumbing catastrophe. Leaking water causes damage to your property, so turn off the main valve and call Laing’s Plumbing Co. as soon as the issue occurs. Flooding can occur either inside or outside your home- when it happens late at night or early in the morning you could be in serious trouble. If you determine the problem is a pipe clog you’ll need a solution quickly. Turn your water off at the immediately.

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DIY Measures for Banyo Blocked Drains

Baking soda and vinegar can work well on grease clogs. Add half a cup of vinegar, half a cup of baking soda followed by several cups of boiling water and let it sit overnight before running the tap again. Plungers are also a common plumbing tool and many residents in Banyo have avoided or removed clogs with this item. All you have to do is cover the opening of the drain, add water until you have a solid amount of suction and push up and down until clogs are drawn to the surface. However, this can be quite smelly and messy. Calling a licensed and qualified plumber will help you avoid unpleasant drain clearing problems.

Blocked drain plumber Banyo QLD

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Fantastic service very friendly and prompt thank you!

Zani Fry


We had our hot water system fail and Henry came out in 20 minutes and replaced the system. Prompt service very professional and particular to his work ethic, thanks again Henry for a very professional job.

Salvatore Lacopetta


What a friendly, pleasant gent, and proficient tradesman your Henry is, and I am thankful he was able to come at short notice during such a busy time.    Henry didn’t stop work at all, not even for one cuppa!   I will certainly recommend Laing Plumbing if anyone I know is in need of a plumber.

Jean Monks


Excellent service, would highly recommend these guys. Also love their great attention to detail - a quality not shared by all trades people

Kate Strang


What an amazing team , quick turnaround , friendly non intrusive and do a great job !
Would highly recommend to anyone and already have 👍🏻👍🏻
Great work Henry 👍🏻

Alice Klokiw


Trusted Local Blocked Drain Plumbers in Banyo

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