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Having properly-functioning and well-maintained plumbing in your Northgate home is crucial. We all know how annoying issues like dripping taps, blocked toilets or a lack of hot water could be. There is no reason to take your home’s plumbing for granted. Instead, work with your local Northgate maintenance experts and get an affordable pluming solution. By choosing Laing’s Plumbing Co., you may be able to prevent plumbing catastrophes in the future by taking action fast.



What Is Northgate Maintenance Plumbing?


Essentially, maintenance plumbing is a way to identify and prevent plumbing issues before they occur. Laing’s Plumbing Co. will look over your bathroom and kitchen taps, toilets, stormwater drainage, flexi hoses and drainage system to look for problems. We can also undertake leak detection and pipe cleaning with the use of CCTV drain cameras and high pressure water jetters. If you have any concerns about strange symptoms in your sink, toilet, shower or pipe system, Laing’s Plumbing Co. will be able to come to you quickly and deal with the issue. Having a plumbing maintenance service in Northgate is a smart idea that can save you a lot of time and money. Rather than ignoring an issue until it turns into a disaster, Laing’s Plumbing Co. can help you keep your home’s plumbing in good shape all year long.

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This Is Why You Need A Northgate Maintenance Plumbing Service


Many people underestimate the importance of the plumbing systems in their home. When something goes wrong out of the blue, many Northgate residents are taken by surprise as their routine is suddenly interrupted. As a matter of fact, there are a number of subtle signs that can occur before a serious plumbing calamity. To a resident without plumbing experience, these signs may be completely invisible. However, Laing’s Plumbing Co. are here to help. If there are hidden plumbing issues in your Northgate home, we will be able to help you identify them and rectify the situation. We’ve listed some of the subtle signs of a plumbing problem below to help you out.


  • A slow drain may be an early indicator of a drain blockage
  • If your water bills increase out of nowhere, you may have a hidden pipe leak
  • Strange pools of water in your backyard are a sure sign you need a plumber
  • If your water pressure has suddenly dropped, there may be a serious issue on your hands
  • Don’t ignore wet patches on the ceilings and walls

Trusted Local Northgate Maintenance Plumbers

Fantastic service very friendly and prompt thank you!

Zani Fry


We had our hot water system fail and Henry came out in 20 minutes and replaced the system. Prompt service very professional and particular to his work ethic, thanks again Henry for a very professional job.

Salvatore Lacopetta


What a friendly, pleasant gent, and proficient tradesman your Henry is, and I am thankful he was able to come at short notice during such a busy time.    Henry didn’t stop work at all, not even for one cuppa!   I will certainly recommend Laing Plumbing if anyone I know is in need of a plumber.

Jean Monks


Excellent service, would highly recommend these guys. Also love their great attention to detail - a quality not shared by all trades people

Kate Strang


What an amazing team , quick turnaround , friendly non intrusive and do a great job !
Would highly recommend to anyone and already have 👍🏻👍🏻
Great work Henry 👍🏻

Alice Klokiw


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Laing’s Plumbing Co. have been working in Northgate for over 35 years and we’ve got hundreds of maintenance jobs completed. We are a family-owned business with a reputation for affordable prices and high-quality workmanship. Our plumbers are experts when it comes to maintenance plumbing and we can help you keep your home’s plumbing system in top shape. If you are looking for the best licensed and qualified maintenance plumber in Northgate, call our friendly team today on 0418 894 085 or send an email to

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